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Alto das Fadas - Visits, Short Stays & Long Stays - Application Form.

Alto das Fadas wants to celebrate and welcome Radical Faeries who intend to visit, stay and contribute to the land, either between gatherings or to reside in the community for longer periods. Specific Permission must be given to any of us before we stay for more than 14 days. This form lays out the different ways to stay.

Initially, permission can be given for a stay up to One Month (Short Stay) for new folk (Guest Faeries). Community Members and our Land Guardians can apply to stay for 3 monthly periods. Long Stays of more than 1 month are subject to special conditions and arrangements.

We have produced this application process for all visitors and members with the intention to support healthy community life and to maintain harmony and wellbeing on the land.

This application form comes in two parts:
The application form itself, and also a handbook of suggested guidelines from the Steward’s Circle on how we understand community life to run best, based on our experience.

Please copy the application form into an email and send to After we receive your email, we will reply by email as soon as we are able.

1 - Your Contact Details & Travel Plans.

Faerie Name (and preferred pronouns):

Your “Passport” Name:

Email address:

FaeNet Profile:

Mobile Phone Number:

Emergency contact and name of friend/relative off-site:

2 - Intentions & Experience:

Are you already a Community Member of Alto das Fadas?:
If not, when and where was your most recent Radical Faerie gathering?:

When do you plan to travel to Alto das Fadas?:

How long would you like to stay at Alto das Fadas?

Do you need to sleep in the house or have a tent/live-in vehicle?

Why are you applying to stay at Alto das Fadas? Please take your time and use this space to tell us about your intentions for staying at AdF. What are your expectations? How does this plan fit in with the wider circumstances of your life at the moment?

Do you have health or care needs etc:

Do you have something specific you would like to contribute to ADF? Ideas for a specific project for instance, or special skills and interests?:

Do you have experience of conflict resolution / mediation in community situations?:

Please use this space to let us know how we can make your stay at Alto das Fadas successful and comfortable? Do you need any specific support from the Steward’s Circle or people on the land to make your stay more comfortable?

3 – Process, Decision Making and Notice Period.

We kindly ask that you do not turn up at Alto das Fadas before your request to stay is approved. For instance, please do not make your request a couple of days before your scheduled departure. A decision on your request may take up to 14 days. To ensure you do not end up spending unnecessary money on travel or end up stranded because there are problems with your application, please wait for a decision from us before planning your trip. If you are already on the land for a scheduled gathering, please apply at your earliest opportunity and do not assume it can be fine to stay on without specific permission.

Once your form has been filled in and the guidelines form has been read and signed, please email them to marked FAO Visit-Stay. Your application will be seen by the Well-Being Circle and a member of that team should contact you within 10 days of receipt. They will liaise with both you and the Stewards Circle - the latter makes the decision which will be passed on to you by your Contact Faerie. This faerie will be your main point of contact between you and the Steward’s Circle for the duration of your stay.

If you are already on the land as part of a gathering and intend to stay longer, please do not be surprised if we have asked you to submit a residency request to qualify a longer stay at ADF. If you have been on the land for 3 months as part of an already agreed stay - please be prepared to re-submit a request for residency 14 days before your initial 3 month stay comes to an end.

4 - Money.

Alto das Fadas is a new sanctuary space. The land is already beautiful and operational but we are still working hard to make it financially sustainable. Having residents on the land for longer periods of time costs the community money because of food and energy expenses.

Unlike more established communities, we do not have a significant financial reserve. In that sense, whilst in the tradition of NOTAFLOF (no one turned away for lack of funds) we want to ensure people can visit and stay irrespective of their financial situation, it is important for us to state this clearly:- In the coming year, Alto das Fadas is unable to support sustained visits to the land without some financial contribution towards food and energy expenses.

We ask that you consider contributing financially to the sanctuary in the spirit of GAYAABAGS (give as you are able, but always give something) - with the observed minimum contribution of 7 euros per day. Please also refer to guidelines for other basic responsibilities when staying at AdF.

If your application for residency is successful we will provide you with bank details where you will ideally make your financial contribution ahead of your arrival. Once received, our treasurer will pass on the information that this has happened - without details of the amount to protect anonymity. If you can or want to contribute more later there is a donation box at the sanctuary for regular expenses. However, please inform whoever else is on the land that you have made a contribution there.

Please use this space to indicate how much you intend to contribute for your stay:

5 – Plan B

Whilst unlikely, your application may be declined by the Steward’s Circle. Or it may be that the Steward’s Circle is unable to agree on the full term of your request because of other commitments or things happening at Alto das Fadas. In that sense, it is advised that you have a plan B in place just in case your request isn’t successful at ADF.

What is your plan B? What will you do if your request isn’t successful?:

Thank you for taking the time to complete this application! We love you for this and will be in touch soon.
Please now read the guidelines in the separate document provided and return a signed copy to us to complete this application form.

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