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Applications to stay at AdF - Current Guidance Notes

Please use the Actual Application Form when applying

1. Anyone wishing to stay at AdF during a gathering must contact the gathering organizers for their consent.
2. Those who wish to stay outside of organized gathering times must email via or apply in writing to stewards.
3. The following information must be supplied before an application can be fully considered:
a. Full name, usual address, full contact details incl. phone etc
b. Previous connection to Radical Faeries and/or to AdF
c. Dates requested (arrival and expected departure)
d. Reasons for visit & intentions (eg: volunteer project / self-care, etc)
e. Agreement to abide by terms and conditions of stay
f. Details of next of kin or suitable contact person
g. Notice of any pre-existing health conditions or known risk factors and care needs.
h. Clarity on personal needs to stay within the main house, or in own tent/ live-in vehicle, etc.

All applicants should note:

  • AdF is not open to casual visitors - prior consent must be obtained.
  • It is advised to give a minimum of three weeks' notice before expecting to visit outside planned gatherings, but 10 days' notice may be accepted in emergency.
  • Travel to AdF should not be booked before consent to stay is given, either by gathering organizers or by Stewards Circle.
  • Applicants should have a “Plan B” in place, in case a stay on the land may not be agreed.

Visitors' length of stay

Short Stay:- up to one month only can be granted at first for non-Community Members. This is classed as a Short Stay.
Those who are new to us, and who may wish to stay on longer, must apply specifically for a Long Stay during their first 12 days after arrival.
Please do not assume that unapproved staying on after a Short Stay can be possible - except in rare cases of extreme emergency.

Long Stay:- Anyone seeking a Long Stay will first need to have gained acceptance as an AdF Community Member.
Community Members can apply for a Long Stay of up to 3 months.
All those who apply for a Long Stay will also need to discuss their suitability to take on responsibilities to be Land Guardians.

Existing Community Members of AdF can apply to be Land Guardians at any time. (Please see further info on this.)

  • On acceptance of the role, experienced Land Guardians may stay up to 5 months by agreed arrangement.
  • If a Land Guardian wishes to stay on longer, then a new arrangement needs to be agreed well before the previous one ends.
  • Permission to stay on the premises temporarily in this way does not create a tenancy, nor any continuing permit to occupy the space.
  • The Stewards Circle will need to agree on a specific contract with anyone who wishes to stay on the land for these longer periods.
  • Stewards will aim to give at least 4 weeks notice of withdrawal of permission to stay should special adverse circumstances arise.
  • This notice period may be shorter in cases of health and safety or other emergencies.
  • The application process is usually overseen by the Well-Being Circle of AdF, with approvals then agreed by the Stewards Circle.
  • In the absence of the Well-Being Circle meeting, the process may be overseen by other stewards as agreed.
  • Consent to stay on the land at AdF may be withdrawn by a meeting of the Stewards Circle on the upholding of a due complaint.
  • Depending on the seriousness of the complaint, consent to stay may be withdrawn with immediate effect.

More information on being an AdF Community Member, or AdF Land Guardian or Steward can be found in AdF membership docs.
More Guidance Notes on administering this process will be developed within the Well-Being Circle.


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