Dear GG4 Interested participants,

The 4th Global Gathering in Estonia scheduled for July 2022, has been rescheduled to exactly one year later, July 25th to August 4th 2023, due to logistical and humanitarian considerations related to the war in Ukraine. We are all deeply saddened by this war and know that we need to be together now more than ever, and we encourage you to reach out to another local Faerie Gathering in your region. You might try http://www.radfae.org/ to find gatherings in your area, or joining FaeNet at https://faenet.org/ or finally you might try RFD on line, the Spring 2022 issue, number 189, page 6 for an extensive current list of many Radical Faerie gatherings scheduled throughout the world for year 2022.

We hold all of our Ukrainian, Polish, and Russian brothers and sisters especially close to our hearts at this time of horrible destruction.

Work peace, spread joy, live in love, and we will see you very soon again.

The Global Organizing Team

For immediate concerns, you may contact Hammer at