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To make your transport easier, please update your transport information in this table (even if coming by public transport, so we can organize your pickup). In the table you can be updated live on other's transport methods and can either request or offer a ride from your location. This is also our way to know when and how you're coming, so please update the spreadsheet as soon as you know! For the time been, please inform us on the estimated arrival and departure date.
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Food and Accessibility

All meals at Alto das Fadas are vegetarian or vegan. Do you have any allergies, dietary restrictions, or preferences? If you have special dietary needs, severe allergies, or follow an extremely specific diet, consider bringing some of your own essential supplies.

GDPR compliance

Even faeries have data that we treat carefully! By registering to come to Alto das Fadas using this form, you consent to the collection of the personal data that you have provided above. When you click “send”, these data are shared with the organizers, so that they know you have registered and can personally contact you. No data are ever shared with third parties. If you at any time wish to retrieve your details or have them deleted, please email
Registration is necessary to visit Alto das Fadas. If you do not want to provide consent to collect your data, you cannot register using this online form. You should contact the organizers directly.


Do you know how you will donate to Alto das Fadas for faerie basics (food, electricity, ..)? We suggest that during this gathering faeries to donate 20 - 40 Euros per day of their stay, depending on their ability to pay. 10 euros only covers basic food and no contribution to the rent we pay and the upkeep of Alto das Fadas. We do offer NOTAFLOF (No Faerie Turned Away for Lack of Funds), and we encourage GAYABAGS (Give As You Are able But Always Give Something). All contributions help to support NOTAFLOF in the future and support the creation and build up of this new sanctuary to be.
If you have special dietary needs, severe allergies, or follow an extremely specific diet, consider bringing some of your own.

If you have specific accessibility needs, or have any questions about facilities available on the land, we would love to discuss them with you before you visit, send us an email at

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