Hello and welcome to the Registration Form for the 3rd Global Radical Faerie Gathering in South Africa 2020.

The Gathering will open on the Saturday afternoon of 15th February 2020. The Closing Circle will be on Sunday 23rd February and everyone must depart by 12 noon on Monday 24th February.

Please take your time completing this form as you will not be able to change it once it is submitted. If you have any difficulties, require help or more information then please contact the Global Team using the email address given below and we will be happy to assist in any way we can.

Normally this form would be very simple as most attendees would already be familiar with the Faerie world. Because this gathering is global in scale and will hopefully attract many more new people who want to experience a Faeries gathering, we need to explain a little here:

A welcome pack with lots of information explaining more about the gathering will be sent to you shortly after you submit your Registration Form. This will include what to expect at the gathering, what to bring and not bring, the parts you can play in it and lots, lots more, in fact everything you need to know to make your first gathering amazing.

Registering for this event does not compel you to attend and you may cancel your registration at any time. After submitting your form you will receive an email confirming your registration. THIS IS NOT A CONFIRMATION OF YOUR PLACE. Your place at the gathering will only be confirmed once your payment has been received

Please address any question or difficulties you may have to this email address and one of the Global Team will be in contact.

The security and safety of all attendees is of great importance to us and we recognise the difficulties some of you may face by giving your real names. If you prefer, you may omit the First and Family name boxes and just fill in the Name box. This is the name you wish to be known as at the gathering.


We are planning to arrange return transport from the Cape Town area to the venue and more details about this will be sent to you when we’ve worked it out.
We will do our very best, within the kitchen and venue capabilities to accommodate your dietary or other special needs.
In case we order Tee shirts for the gathering, what is your size?
The cost for the gathering is $450 per person. This will include accommodation and food for 9 nights. In true Faerie tradition, please donate some extra funds so that Faeries who would not otherwise be able to attend can join us and experience the wonder of a Faerie gathering.

Besides cabin accommodation there are excellent camping facilities with electricity and showers etc. If you wish to camp you will need to bring all your own equipment; tent, bed roll, sleeping bags etc. You will not need cooking equipment as meals are included for everyone. The gathering cost if you are camping is $250 pp. More about this will come with your welcome pack.

No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds (NOTAFLOF) is a Faerie principle acknowledging that not everyone is able to pay the full amount to attend a gathering. We don’t want these costs to be a barrier to your attendance, so we will do our very best to help all registered Faeries to attend.

To apply for NOTAFLOF, please also send an email to with the heading “NOTAFLOF” if you will need some financial assistance in order to attend the gathering. You will be sent a form to complete and return so that we can clarify how much financial support we can provide to you. We will always have to work to a budget and everyone should pay something so please indicate above what you think you may be able to offer. This can always be changed up or down at a later date.

Payments do not need to be made immediately and we will write to you at a later date with our banking details and the date that your payment must be made by to secure your place.


There are a very large number of double beds at the venue and every space has to be utilised to get us all a place to sleep.

You can select below who you would like to share a cabin with and indeed who you would like to share a double bed with. If you don’t know yet, you can provide these details up to 4 weeks before the gathering starts by writing to us at our email address below.

To help us to try to meet everyone’s personal and diversity needs please indicate the type of accommodation that would suit you best.
To reiterate, many of you may have never been to a faerie gathering before, or indeed never knowingly met a Faerie so please address any questions or concerns to this email address. We are sure that as the date draws nearer you will find yourself happy and excited at the prospect of attending the worlds 3rd Global Gathering of Radical Faeries.

Offline Payment
By registering for this event and agreeing to the privacy policy , you agree to FaeNet storing your information.