There are many ways and reasons by which Radical Faeries seek Sanctuary.
We may find it in gatherings, on land that we manage, on line, in circles, but above all in each other.
This gathering seeks to explore all this and looks to our future as to how we may seek sanctuary together for the best outcomes.  

It will be held at our major home in Europe - Folleterre in France.
This gathering is hosted jointly by Eurofaeries Fund Stewards and Folleterre Stewards.

We will, of course, look to what new physical sanctuaries may be like - where they may be, how they may be run, who may take initiatives on creating them.
In addition, we will begin to envision how a network of sanctuaries may, in time, work together to offer a broader pattern of different styles of sanctuary, both in urban and rural areas.

Event Date Sun 01 Jul '18
Event End Date Sun 08 Jul '18
Capacity Unlimited
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Individual Price Free

To Rise Like A Faerie

Create A Sacred Heart Space

Celebrate our /your Uniquness and bring

The Legends Alive to all Faeries of the World


for 7 days of summer love, light and laughter on this magical mountain – that could change your life and fulfil your dreams!


Join us to create faerie magic in a comfortable, clean and private Alpine hostel near an enchanted forest in the mountains of Austria. There are meadows to play in as well as forests, creeks, waterfalls and mountains. So come and explore this magical nature. If you want more privacy and would like to camp, the nights are chilly (15 to 25 degrees) but there is enough space to pitch a few tents.

Event Date Sat 07 Jul '18 12:00 pm
Event End Date Sat 14 Jul '18 8:00 pm
Registration Start Date Fri 16 Feb '18
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 2
Cut off date Sat 14 Jul '18
Individual Price By donation
Practical Magic Gathering

Practical Magic Gathering- basic ThetaHealing course

The course is offered as a gift to the faeries at Folleterre, as the sanctuary is based on the spirit of goodwill and generosity. It is very precious knowledge… (out in the world the course costs around 300-350 euro).

In order to join the course you need to obligate yourself to the whole course which lasts 7 hours of study for 3 days.

*participants that will complete the course will receive a certificate from THInK- ThetaHealing institute of knowledge, and will be able to continue to the advanced courses.
About the teacher: Ananda (Noam Paz) is a Thetahealing master, a Yoga teacher and an inter-diciplinary artist.


Event Date Mon 13 Aug '18 1:00 pm
Event End Date Fri 17 Aug '18 11:00 am
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 0
Individual Price donate 20-40 Euros per day of their stay, depending on their ability to pay / donnent entre 20 et 40 euros par jour, selon leurs possibilités

Dear Friends, Queer Friends.  Join us for a week-long exploration of meditation, healing, introspection, Tantric practices, dishwashing, art, massage, baths under the stars, laughter, heart circles, sex magic, more dishwashing, and a No Talent Show!

Event Date Sun 16 Sep '18 2:00 pm
Event End Date Sun 23 Sep '18 2:00 pm
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 2
Individual Price Free