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{SCOpenGraph image=https://faenet.org/images/jdonation/supportFN.jpg}{SCOpenGraph title=Donate to FaeNet}{SCOpenGraph description=FaeNet is a social network for Radical Faeries. It is a place where faeries are chatting, creating, sharing delicious ideas, sometimes scandalous photos, beautiful music, and informative videos. Now, we need your donation to maintain FaeNet and expand it!}

Please Donate to FaeNet!

FaeNet is a social network for Radical Faeries that started in the Spring 2018. In less than 2 years we are proud to have created an online community with more than 1700 faeries across 33 countries and over 90 groups. We are really excited that the mobile App was released in February 2020.

To download the Apps

FaeNet is a wonderful alternative to the commercialized social networking sites and apps that make use of our information to enrich corporate shareholders rather than truly focusing on helping people to create communities.

FaeNet is run entirely on volunteer labor so everything you donate goes directly to operating FaeNet.

Our fundraising goal for 2020 is US$2,141

  • Hosting and emails fees: $468
  • Mobile App software licence $1000
  • Framework software licence $548
  • Mobile App store subscriptions $125

How to Donate:

* To donate by credit card, debit card click the link below.

* To donate by bank check (outside USA) or by bank transfer, please email 

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* Because FaeNet is a project of the Online Policy Group, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the US, your donation is tax-deductible to the extent provided by law / tax regulations.

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