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If you have had a chance to try out FaeNet.org, then you can see its great potential as a virtual gathering place for our diverse global community of Radical Faeries. Already, a thousand faeries are chatting, creating, sharing delicious ideas, sometimes scandalous photos, beautiful music, and informative videos. Some faerie groups are posting their events and gatherings on FaeNet, where it's possible to register and pay for them.

FaeNet is a wonderful alternative to the commercialized social networking sites and apps that make use of our information to enrich corporate shareholders and leak info to intrusive governments, shady organizations with mysterious political agendas, and empower tons of spammers, rather than truly focusing on helping people to create communities.

The FaeNet Stewards -- charged with facilitating the evolution of FaeNet -- would like to make sure that all the faeries who want to join can do so in a lively environment without slowdowns or interruptions. We'd like to add mobile apps and web notifications to FaeNet, so that we can receive notifications of incoming messages and share from our phones and our computers. We'd like to make sure that private FaeNet content stays private and that all the amazing stuff we create as a community is safe and secure. Finally, we'd like to find a way to handle Not Safe for Work / Adult content in a way that frees faeries who want to share beautifully salacious and sexy stuff in a way that allows control for those who don't want that content to appear unexpectedly and allows faeries under 18 to participate in the community legally without FaeNet getting shut down. Some brave and dedicated FaeNet volunteers have developed all of these amazing software tools and handle communications within our faerie community, as well as to the mundane world, to make sure all is running smoothly.

FaeNet is run entirely on volunteer labor (except possibly for programmers on the mobile app and NSFW/Adult content features), so everything you donate goes directly to operating FaeNet. Since FaeNet is a project of Online Policy Group / QueeNet, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, all contributions in the USA are tax-deductible to the extent provided by applicable laws and regulations.

Our fundraising goal for 2018 is US$2,100. We have already received US$290, so we still need US$1,810.

How to Donate:

* To donate by credit card, debit card click the link below.

* To donate by bank check (outside USA) or by bank transfer, please email 

What Your Donation Funds for FaeNet:

$800 one time -> FaeNet NSFW/Adult feature development

$525 one time -> FaeNet Mobile App development

$361/year -> FaeNet hosting for a year

$150 one time -> FaeNet web notification development

$144/year -> FaeNet performance upgrades

$100/year -> FaeNet mobile app for Apple devices for a year

$70/year -> FaeNet events and payment system for a year

$60/year -> FaeNet blogging system for a year

$25/year -> FaeNet backup system for a year

Or you could donate US$1,810 to meet our entire remaining fundraising goal for this year!

Thanks for supporting FaeNet

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* Because FaeNet is a project of the Online Policy Group, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the US, your donation is tax-deductible to the extent provided by law / tax regulations.

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