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About the campaign

Dear radical faerie tribe,

As some of you may have heard, over the last year a number of our international tribe have been in service to the community in seeking a new space for sanctuary in the south of Europe, with scouting missions having taken place extensively across the beautiful lands of Spain and Portugal.

Well gather round dears! Plans have developed quickly and we are calling out for support from the community to establish a new sanctuary in the mountains of Portugal.

About the Land

In November, a small group of intrepid faerie explorers stumbled upon the faerietale land of Quinta da Sancha (Sancha’s Farm) - a lush south facing valley in Portugal, overlooking the Village of Sortelha 2 km in the distance. Secluded and nestled in the mountains, the now fondly named Alto Das Fadas - literally ‘the faerie hill’ - is a property that holds potential as a new space and place for radical faerie sanctuary in the south of Europe. The property itself sprawls across 15 hectares of land; as an assemblage of tree groves, water bores, fields, a main building and the foundations of a barn. The main building, boasting enough sleeping space for ten or twelve faeries, comes complete with a stone fireplace and is constructed around a huge boulder - giving the property a feel of gravitas and wonder.

 This is an invitation to come on an adventure with us, to create a new home for our global tribe in Portugal!

Negotiations have been underway with the landlord of Quinta da Sancha for some weeks now. Put simply, we are able to rent this potential sanctuary space for up to 7 years legally. However, because we have an interest in eventually purchasing the land, the landlord has agreed a capped rent of €550 per month for a period of two years with an opportunity to negotiate on the final price after that term has ended. As an interim arrangement, the current faerie ‘stewards’ working on this project have raised some money for an initial deposit so that three of our party can proceed to underwrite the tenancy. A deal that is currently being worked out in consultation with our lawyer and accountant, and in negotiation with the landlord - but beyond that, Alto das Fadas will depend on the communities help and input to become a long term reality. We estimate that to get this project off the ground and rolling for the next year we are going to need €9.5K of support from the community. Let’s make this happen faeries! Get on board.





Campaign Alto das Fadas Sanctuary
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