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Let's make the new faery land in Portugal a home for the queer community!


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After a long search, a new faerie space and a potential new sanctuary in the Iberian peninsula is about to become a reality. On the 1st of February we will get keys to Alto das Fadas, a healing space for queers in the mountains of Portugal, complementing Folleterre as currently the only radical faerie sanctuary so far in Europe.

Together with a crowdfunding campaign that is being launched now - we are also working to crowdsource materials to make this dream-land welcoming for faeries and faeries-to-be.

The sanctuary is currently empty and in order to start making gatherings in the upcoming spring we will need a lot of equipment! This includes beds, mattresses, kitchen utensils, construction and garden tools, interior furniture, blankets, covers, drag, etc.

How can Iberian faeries and queers help? Ask your local charity, grab that awesome sofa you've seen on the street, contact warehouses or closed businesses and start collecting things that might be useful. As an effort to reduce costs and keep our environment low impact, second hand or underused items are preferred.

In February our team of dedicated faeries will make an effort to collect all those materials and transport them to Alto das Fadas in our first visit to the land.

Please update Mörko on your findings via FB, Faenet or email  and we will arrange a pick up as soon as we can.


* Please help us to make the dream a reality and donate at our fundraising page.

* You can join hands during the pioneer weeks - making the house and land welcoming for the future gatherings.

* For more info on Alto das Fadas and the story behind the new land - read out blogs with more detailed information and a current development of the project, or see more pictures of the land and house.


סיור חיפוש אדמות לסנקצ׳וארי בערבה התיכונה
About Alto das Fadas Sanctuary

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